b. 1986, HK.




Nothing is more satisfying than taking a creative concept and transforming it into an exciting reality.

At only 28, Lucy has been in the creative design industry for ten years. By day (and often by night – she’s a busy gal), Lucy lives and breathes her role as Founder at Friends of Friends Design – a boutique design studio based in Auckland. 

With her sharp eye, her innate sense of cohesion and her passion for all things visual, Lucy’s portfolio extends well beyond the realms of on and off-screen branding – with her love of interior design enabling her to incorporate physical spaces into her ever growing list of creative expertise. 

Alongside her knack for interior design, Lucy’s sought-after skills in branding, typography, editorial design and marketing concepts enable her to create fresh, exciting and engaging brand identities and artistic directions for each and every one of her valued clients. 


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