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#TodayInMicrofashion: Welcome to New Zealand's niche marketplace for parents to shop and sell their children's pre-loved gears and wears. Meet Little Outfitters; a brand committed to adding less materials to the world and consciously cycling better ones.

Little Outfitters needed to establish itself as a trustworthy brand, curators of cool and encourage conscious consumerism to mums.

A loveable brand personality was key and this was developed through branding and a tone of voice that rides the duality of playful but mature, therefore engaging to the target market. The rounded serif font of the logo has a premium but friendly feel. It was important to make the brand look inclusive and fun in order to break any stereotypes of shopping pre-loved products. The bunny rabbit icon was created as a secondary attribute that's strongly recognisable to Little Outfitters. We chose a bold gender neutral colour to be an identifiable part of the branding so that we could carry it throughout every marketing touch point as a distinct visual cue to the business. We created a comprehensive bank of fun illustrations to bring in an element of playfulness and become a fundamental part of the brand. We proudly built a brand identity that is approachable, charming and rooted in community, reframing the way people feel about buying and selling pre-loved pieces for their children, creating a new social standard for conscious shopping habits and we’re calling for you to join the movement, too.

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